Remembering Love

Remembering Love - Nadine Christian You authors are gonna be the death of me someday. Yes, I foresee in my future paramedics finding me dead in my bed, clutching my kindle for dear life. Cause of death? Well sleep exhaustion of course!!! And it's all *YOUR* fault! Yes, all of you typing away on your typewriters and computers and laptops. Hey do some of you still use pen and paper? Well still your fault!

AND I LOVE IT, so never stop writing.

The latest culprit is the writer of this book. When I started the book I was kind of busy, so I picked at a few pages here and picked at a few pages there and it seemed nice, but kind of slow. But then I got into bed, exhausted, because I had a late shift last night, thinking I would read a little and then fall asleep. And here I am, two hours later, still haven't slept a wink and about to gush how much I *LOVED* the book!

It has love, deceit and intrigue. It touches foster care lightly - all you foster parents out there: HEROES! - and then... Yeah, I can't give the story away now can I?

But I can assure you, it is totally amazeballs, so read it!!!!