Nameless - Joe Conlan It’s an awesome read, I can tell you that much! And it’s almost like you are reading a movie! Yes I said it! I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time, rooting for Daniel! And man, Joe really got to me, he did something I did not think he would. I don’t even know how to review this book without giving away anything. It starts out really good and gets better. I kind of got to understanding the killer, but I still don’t like him. But one cannot help but admire certain traits of him. To me Daniel seems to be the All American Hero, but then he stumbles and you get reminded that he’s just a human man.
I could not help not liking the wife. Am I saying that right? The thing is, I liked her just fine and then she got stupid. And yes yes, I know she’s the victim here, just read the book and we can chat about that. And the murderer. What an ingenious son of a beep!!! This was a really good written and thought out story. I loved it and I think you should give it a try too!