Between Friends

Between Friends - Amanda Cowen It finally happened; I did not like a story my friend liked. The horror!!!

But ok, back to the book. It was not really a bad book, I just did not like the characters. I hate vapoid friends. What’s vapoid? Yes, I know it’s a non-existing word, but it’s my word for bad friends, airheads, you know vapor in their heads!
And that was how these so called friends were. I liked Megan well enough, but who hangs out with friends who are seriously in need of some therapy. There was not one healthy relationship between them. You have the bride from hell, who made me wonder how the hell she had a steady relationship for so long. And the other girls just drank and slept around. I just could not like them. The guys were no better. And that was just the things that bothered me. But then again, you might like the drama and the vapor. Megan was a little shallow too. She knew what she was getting into and then she acted all hurt? Pfft. Sorry for me this book was a no no. Just because of the characters. BUT! The writer is great to be able to provoke such strong feelings in me. I just hope that was what she was going for.