New to Booklikes: same old curiosity and cat?

Girl reading


So I read this post on Huffington Post by John Pavley, who also has a profile here on Booklikes (do we call them profiles here?) and I got curious. So I came here.

I actually was looking for more information on the Goodreads exodus I was reading about. But as I was actually spending my time reading a book, I still don't know what people are referring too. If you know, please enlighten me?


My first impression? It looks kinda cool.

My second? Why can't I change my stuff in later? Or maybe I haven't found it yet. But if I can't, it will majorly suck.

My third? Am I supposed to add in ALL my books here? Again? I don't know if I will be willing to do the work. But then again, I was just snooping around.


Why did I write this post? Surprised I know you're thinking it? Well it's all over your face, for one! And that would be the same question I would ask when I would be reading a post like this.


I'm going to check out Booklikes a little more in the coming days. Not sure yet. But I would like to hear from people who have been here longer.