Perfection Unleashed: A Double Helix Novel (Volume 1)

Perfection Unleashed - Jade Kerrion The only thing I hate more about the ending of a book, is loving a book, knowing there is more and not being able to get my hands on the sequal immediatly.
Having said that, I absolutely loved this book! It was like watching a high octane fueled action movie, err reading that is. But come on, we all know we have that 3D theatre running in our head when we are reading right?
The story was gripping and the characters believable. My heart bleeds for Danyael :( but it's not only action, the story also tells how deprived, greedy and selfish humanity can be. I was all ready to go all rambo(lina) on them, if it wasn't for those rare flickers of hope, trust and love.
I recommend this book highly. Now excuse me while I go hunt for part two!