Precious Embrace

Precious Embrace - Dana Mason What can I say? I LOVED this book! Finally a book about a single mom, a little older, not some kid straight out of high school finding her one true love (how nice they can be). This was about a woman who made mistakes. Who was scared of making them again, trying to build a life for her and her two sons. And then, finding a handsome guy – do they really grow them as tall, handsome and gentlemanly (yes not an existing word, I know) in Nashville? Then make way, I’m moving! – who accepts her and her kids. *swoon swoon*
Of course it’s not that easy, some things happen and man, what a ride! But I love it that there is a good man portrayed, they are still out there! I think you will love the story. Some things move a little fast, but it still works out. Read it and see. I am only sad I read Dangerous Embrace after Precious Embrace, but lucky for me it did not take away from either story!