Saving Saffron Sweeting

Saving Saffron Sweeting - Pauline Wiles I really liked this story. Of course life isn’t that easy, but it would be nice if it could be right? I liked the way it was kind of realistic (even though she had a job and house way too easy – was that a spoiler? Sorry!), but it also brought out some of the good and nice in people. it wasn’t about some young chick but about a “seasoned” woman who had to make some hard decisions. Making some bad ones along the way. And also, love conquering and all that jazz. But not just in a jiffy, working hard for it. I like the message that it conveys. Nowadays we jump into someone else’s arms way too fast. And even though she made the wrong decision, it was never because she did not think it over. Good read and great description of England! I also liked the cover. Very festive :)