Murder on Olympus

Murder on Olympus - Robert B. Warren I am still weighing my options here. Do I like it or do I really like it?
On the one hand, I just looooove Greek mythology. And this book did a great job of bringing the gods into this century. I also liked the story and the way it was written. So maybe I will come back and change it into 4 stars.

What you need to know for now, is that it is very well written and that it has a great story. I did have the feeling, but just a little, that sometimes there was a jump in the story, but it could be me. It did not take away from the book though. I loved that it wasn't a slutty book. If you know me, you know I don't mind a little (or a lot) smut. But I feel that if there was more sex in the story, it would have taken away from the story as a whole.

I would recommend and I am looking forward to reading more of Plato Jones. Because those last few pages made me very curious