The Disappearing Girl

The Disappearing Girl - Heather Topham Wood This was a beautifully written book. It really touches the problem of anorexia and bulimia and just having the wrong body images. When I read this book, I could really feel the pain Kayla was in. It’s ashame she had to go through this all to find herself. It makes you think about the way you treat people and the things you accept from people you love. The only thing I think that could be improved on is the way things turned around (yes, keeping this vague so I am not giving away any spoilers), but I think you would agree when you read the book. All in all it was very very good. And I liked the different characters. They all had their own quirks and their own way of handeling things. And it was also very PG-13 I would think so I think you could hand it to your teenager to read about. I loved it.