Seductive Shadows

Seductive Shadows - Marni Mann This book has a lot of sex. Seriously, a lot! But honestly? After a while, I did not even notice the sex anymore. Strange right? At first it was like omg, sex! And then it started getting a little personal between Charlie and me. I just wanted to hug this poor damaged child and rock her until she felt she was safe and loved. So yeah, if you are looking for the sex scenes, they are there, believe me they are. But as you get to know Charlie a little more, you will see them as less erotic and more… I can’t even describe it, but you will understand and your mind will be opened to the reasoning, to the why of things happening and choices made. This was a great book, very well written, the sex scenes are superb! But it’s also very raw and emotional. It touches something else, a topic that is very hushed if you ask me. But I think there should be a little more force behind it, if you want readers to take notice and do something. But of course, it might not be the platform the author was going for. All in all, I would recommend this read, unless you are turned off by explicit sex scenes.