Gold Manor Ghost House

Gold Manor Ghost House - Merry Brown This was actually I nice story, I was really looking forward to getting to know more about this ghost house and the special abilities Anna had. I started reading about Four Families and some curse and I was really intrigued. But then… holes. There was not much explanation. I could kind of understand why certain relationships developed very quick, but I was a little bothered by it. Not too much, somewhere there is a kind of rationality to the fast relationship. What bothered me though is the way I was teased with supernatural, curses, powers and then… nothing? Like a fata morgana, shimmering with it’s beauty and when you get there… nothing. That was a little disappointing. The female lead was likeable, the story was cute, as was the back story, actress on a starting teen supernatural show? Behind the set access? Yum! But I would’ve loved if there was a little more body to the story. And I mean the real story. The rest had more then enough body. But based on the fact I didn’t get more on the real story, the why’s and what’s and the holes I saw, I can’t really rate this story very high for myself. But maybe you will love it?