Type N

Type N - Michelle N. Onuorah I have something to confess… I have… one-click fever. Yes. I am a one-click fanatic. I do not go crazy as in one-clicking books I don’t like. But when I read the blurb on this one, I just had to have it. And my instinct did not steer me wrong! This was a great book, written very well and I loved the angle! Man, if we had this cure, would we act just like the people in this book did? It was downright dispicable! And I am not talking cute little minions here.
But I also loved the way love and hope was shown throughout the book, like a beacon. I really liked the way the author “kept” her own voice, told her own story and did not feel pressure to sprinkle in some spicy sex scenes.
Original all the way. Kept me on my toes and very happy, I must say. I am looking forward to reading more of her books!!