My Own Mr. Darcy

My Own Mr. Darcy - Karey White I really really loved it!!

How do I start with this review? It was sooooo good!!! Really you should read it! It’s about this girl who falls in love with a fictional character (who of us doesn’t? My book crush: Acheron) Anyway to get back to the story. So this girl is so infatuated about Mr. Darcy that no man can measure up. Untill her roommate pressures her to give some guy a try for 10 dates. You just have to love BFF’s right?

Anyway, you know by now I don’t like giving any spoilers but the story was awesome, the characters were likeable and very well written. I am so team Chad right now! But the author managed to make me like the other guy! And that’s true right? Nobody is just good or just evil. So yeah loved loved loved it! But you also see growth in the main character, who was a little (a lot!) obsessive. Oh and one of my favorite parts? The opinion of Tom Cruise! The people who really know me will understand hihi. So awesome book, I would so recommend it!

The Exemeus (The Exemeus, #1)

The Exemeus (The Exemeus, #1) - Folami Morris, Abeni Morris Review coming up soon!

Black Moon

Black Moon - Jessica McQuay So I kind of feel guilty for not liking this book, because I received it for a honest review, but honest is honest right? And it's not like I did not like the story, I just did not like the main character. She was bratty and annoying and she spoiled the story for me.
As for the story, it was nice enough, but I kept feeling there was more that could be done with it. And maybe it was kept vague because there's going to be a next story, but I still think it could have something more substantial, more solid to it.

Jenny's Blue Velvet

Jenny's Blue Velvet - A.C. Davis When I started this book it started out ok. Then I thought the main character was a little… ahem… bitchy. But on the other hand, it was kinda, a little (yes dragging my feet here) understandable. She had a lot that had happened to her. But still, I was rolling my eyes. And then someone – read: the author – took a pile of bricks and just dropped it on my head. Yes, she did. The story changed from some silly girl who’s probably crazy, to someone who’s not so crazy! I was shocked and did not see that coming! So yeah, good one author, but I would’ve liked to read more after the surprise. But it was a novelette, so I have to be content with that. Good one! I hope you like this one too.

Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels - Judith Post Fallen angels!!! I love fallen angels! Oeh vampires made by a bad bad fallen angel? Count me in!
I liked the story because I love fallen angels stories and of course vampires. I love the struggle between good and bad. I liked the interaction and I liked the friendship and that there were a few interesting and well-deserved relationships blooming. I liked it a little less though, that the good angel was so… human. Sure, I love that the angel adapts to the human ways and such, but aren't angels supposed to be all powerful? I think the story would be nice enough if he was a vampire anomaly, a good one of course, or just some powerful immortal, but he was so… inadequate compared to the vamps. That made me like the story less. But all in all, I enjoyed it.


Bloodfire - Helen   Harper This book has all the things I like in a supernatural romance. Shifters? Check. Sexy sexy hot alpha? Check and check. Strong kick ass female? Check. Interesting storyline? Check. It started out nice enough, human living with the pack, but being so awesome that they are safer for her being there, I was all for that. And then murder! And mystery! Hot sexy alpha! I was all for taking it slow. And then… she was strong, but not strong enough? What’s up with that? That was the only issue I had with this book. But I think it might have a reason, so I’m going to look for the second book. Because it did drag me in far enough that I want to know more about Mack. And of course more of the alpha. Yumm!

The Shadow of Mudflap

The Shadow of Mudflap - Christi Snow, M.F.  Smith We received this book for a honest review. At first I looked at it and went meh… Mudflap? So I thought it would be some book about some sleepy town hero for stuff that well… I dunno. And then I saw it’s proceedings would go to Lubbock Red Cross, so I went ok, I will read it, for a good cause. And then I was blown away! So first off, sorry to the writers to be a stuck up … well you know.

Back to the book. They really pulled off a normal town pulled in a James Bond meets Die Hard feel. The good Die Hard mind you. I was captivated and still felt like it was normal, football crazed town from anywhere. The love story was awesome too. No sugarcoating but nothing too harsh either. The more pages I turned, the more exited I got. It was action-packed with a sprinkling of romance. Made me wonder how a real hero does it in real life. But to be brief: buy this book. For real, you will not be sorry.his!book!


Trespassing - Pat Griffith I one-clicked this book on Amazon, the blurb sounded interesting. And it was, I liked the concept and it had a few interesting twists and turns. But to me there was something lacking. Not much, I can’t really put my finger on it, but just enough to make my frown my eyebrows. It was kind of like eating a meal, but not really sure if you’re full or not. But it could just be me. Other then that, it was an interesting read and very entertaining.

HerStory: Fiction Honoring Women's History Month

HerStory: Fiction Honoring Women's History Month - Jodie Baptie, Dorothy L. Abrams, Lisa Adams, Sarah Cass This was a very nice read. I think lunch-break, read a few stories.
But it was also very empowering. I loved the different era’s. And even though they were fictional, you know there is a kernel of truth in there. If it wasn’t for these women, standing up for big things, but also little things, where would we be now? The things we take for granted, what would we do without them? I hope there are still inspirational people out there, inspirational women. Not only because of the big things they do, but of the little things as well. You can be the cornerstone of a big thing happening, just because you did the right thing or showed the right example.

Type N

Type N - Michelle N. Onuorah I have something to confess… I have… one-click fever. Yes. I am a one-click fanatic. I do not go crazy as in one-clicking books I don’t like. But when I read the blurb on this one, I just had to have it. And my instinct did not steer me wrong! This was a great book, written very well and I loved the angle! Man, if we had this cure, would we act just like the people in this book did? It was downright dispicable! And I am not talking cute little minions here.
But I also loved the way love and hope was shown throughout the book, like a beacon. I really liked the way the author “kept” her own voice, told her own story and did not feel pressure to sprinkle in some spicy sex scenes.
Original all the way. Kept me on my toes and very happy, I must say. I am looking forward to reading more of her books!!

Is This All There Is?

Is This All There Is? - Patricia Mann Well this book totally surprised me. I thought it would be a sugarsweet fairy tale about an all too real situation and WHAM! The author hit me in the face. No sugarcoating, just real and gritty. You know what the main character is doing is so wrong, but you still kind of understand. You might even be tempted to think that she could not help it, that she kind of deserves that what she is pursuing. I can tell you, the feelings of pain and conflict are jumping out of the page at you. And speaking of jumping, there is this one phone call that scared the bejeezus out of me. It was like I was getting a call! I was feeling guilty and I’m not even remotely in a situation like that. Well done Patricia Mann, well done! There were a few things I thought were not really needed, but they do not take away from the story. If you like sugarfluff and happy happy from beginning to end. Do you like real? Get.This.Book

Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules - Melinda Dozier Review coming up

This Time Around

This Time Around - Ellie Grace Have you ever experienced the one that got away? Well read all about that in Ellie Grace’s book This Time around. It’s such a lovely story, modern and still a little conventional in a way. I really like Jake and Ellie, but their friends are likeable too. Very likeable even. It’s not a rollercoaster ride, but it’s a nice read that will bring warm feelings. Well, where ever you want it haha! But there is enough there, love, envy, girl problems, man problems, bitchy little… ahem… But really, I recommend you read it and get to know Jake and Ellie first hand and be happy with them.

Dangerous Embrace

Dangerous Embrace - Dana Mason This is such a great story! Sometimes all you need is someone who does not give up on you, no matter how hard you try to make them.
It's a story about second chances and believing in yourself. I loved that piece of it almost more than the romance. But the romance was yummy too. I loved it that it was not about teen angst, but about normal people with kids and everything. You will like it too

Gold Manor Ghost House

Gold Manor Ghost House - Merry Brown This was actually I nice story, I was really looking forward to getting to know more about this ghost house and the special abilities Anna had. I started reading about Four Families and some curse and I was really intrigued. But then… holes. There was not much explanation. I could kind of understand why certain relationships developed very quick, but I was a little bothered by it. Not too much, somewhere there is a kind of rationality to the fast relationship. What bothered me though is the way I was teased with supernatural, curses, powers and then… nothing? Like a fata morgana, shimmering with it’s beauty and when you get there… nothing. That was a little disappointing. The female lead was likeable, the story was cute, as was the back story, actress on a starting teen supernatural show? Behind the set access? Yum! But I would’ve loved if there was a little more body to the story. And I mean the real story. The rest had more then enough body. But based on the fact I didn’t get more on the real story, the why’s and what’s and the holes I saw, I can’t really rate this story very high for myself. But maybe you will love it?

Precious Embrace

Precious Embrace - Dana Mason What can I say? I LOVED this book! Finally a book about a single mom, a little older, not some kid straight out of high school finding her one true love (how nice they can be). This was about a woman who made mistakes. Who was scared of making them again, trying to build a life for her and her two sons. And then, finding a handsome guy – do they really grow them as tall, handsome and gentlemanly (yes not an existing word, I know) in Nashville? Then make way, I’m moving! – who accepts her and her kids. *swoon swoon*
Of course it’s not that easy, some things happen and man, what a ride! But I love it that there is a good man portrayed, they are still out there! I think you will love the story. Some things move a little fast, but it still works out. Read it and see. I am only sad I read Dangerous Embrace after Precious Embrace, but lucky for me it did not take away from either story!